Our premium monitoring experience.
With an expansive 130-degree field of view and 8x zoom, this camera offers a stunning live streaming experience.

Jarvis features

Sharpen your senses.
Thanks to a 1,3-megapixel image sensor, you’ll enjoy sharper video and incredible image detail.

Jarvis indoor model

is specially made for indoor use, with its unique motion sensor, and wifi easy connection connection, and built in siren.
 High resolution captor

1,3 Mpixel to see all the details
 Motion sensor

Detect motion with high reliability, even in the dark
 Infra red Light

Allow to watch what happen at 10 meters , in a complete dark environement.
Jarvis Outdoor model

specially made for outdoor use, easy installation, with its unique wifi connection.

No network cable needed !
 Megapixel captor

1,3 M pixels to see all the details
 Infra red Light

Allow to watch what happen at 20 meters, in a complete dark environement.

A water proof and easy installation case
Simple to set up.
Just plug in your camera and launch the Jarvis app on your phone. You’ll be streaming video and receiving alerts in moments.

Peace of mind wherever you go.

Check in on what’s important using your smartphone, tablet or computer —whether you’re around the block or across the country.
Keep an eye on things, even in the dark.
Watch around the clock with crystal clear night vision.
Set your schedule.
Set your camera to turn on and off based on time of day or your location.

Know what’s going on.

Get motion, sound and offline alerts via email or push notification. Choose what types of alerts you’d like to receive and when.

Take a second look.

Save and share footage from the last week or month with ouroptional Cloud Recording service. Keep track of important activities and create custom alerts.